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Brigade specializes in the design, manufacturing and implementation of cost-saving LED lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal, and nonprofit clients. Converting outdated lighting systems to more cost and energy efficient LED lighting is a practical and effective way to control operating costs and increase profit margins. An environmentally friendly solution that is less taxing on utility grids, LED also gives property owners a more valuable capital asset. 

Our company’s Free Energy Assessment Program allows us to identify the unique needs of each client, and after reviewing these needs, recommend design solutions to specifically meet those needs. Brigade installs superior LED lighting products, which are held to the highest standards — always giving us the ability to guarantee the absolute best quality for our clients’ customized solutions.

Brigades LED offers a range of financing options that include access to incentives and grant programs which help our clients defer a substantial amount of the cost of LED lighting upgrades. Our auditors and technicians are dedicated to developing the most rapid installation plans with positive cash-flow payback strategies that optimize our clients’ return-on-investment.